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"In me the tiger sniffs roses."

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Apple Qingyang Zhang is dedicated to creating a unique style of conceptual and illustrative art. She has been exploring the realms of art in traditional, 2D and 3D media. While focusing on marketing and commercial art, Apple is professionally trained for post-production pipeline as well, specialized in 3D modeling, texturing and matte painting. Due to her individuality of growing through adventures, she started off for an academic journey in San Francisco years ago, and moved to Los Angeles for further art education. Her artwork has been published in the most well-known and highly-recognized platforms in the industry of CG art, including SPECTRUM 23: THE BEST IN CONTEMPORARY FANTASTIC ART and EXPOSÉ 11:  Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe. Recently, she has been selected in the Rookie of the Year(CG Student Awards) 2016 in illustration category. 

While devoting to establishing a career of Entertainment Arts, her artistic perspective strengthens to combine cultural and contemporary fashion elements, to wander around ancient, modern and futuristic genres while exaggerating emotions, with emphasis on personalities and narrative storytelling so that it could cause resonance for the audience. As a boundless roamer of creativity, Apple never stops seeking inspiration in representing fantastical human art. Professionally, She is considered as a contributive team player, a passionate learner and an idea bearer. Artistically, she sees herself as a contradictory daydreamer, a builder of her own Utopia, and an embracer of the beauty, magnificence and sorrow of life.




张青杨(Apple)是一位来自北京的极具个人风格的CG原画及插画师,毕业于旧金山艺术大学插画专业,后在洛杉矶的Gnomon学习3D特效,专攻建模,材质以及数字绘景。她的作品已在业界知名画集Spectrum, Exposé等发表。在艺术道路上,她致力于借助不同的CG技术在艺术的视角里创造自己的世界观,结合古典文化及当代时尚元素创作奇幻及科幻风格的人物和场景设定。对于她来说,最关键的艺术理念是作品的内容和故事性。她总是会在设计的架构之上加入动人的情感冲突,以引起观者的共鸣。作为一名以人为本的无界游者,Apple从未停止寻找灵感的脚步。她视自己为一个化矛盾为动力的开拓者,一个乌托邦的建筑师,一个尊重生命之悲喜的艺术人。

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